Sarah Schoenfeld's Docpixel Design & Photography | Retouch Portfolio

Services provided by DocPixel for digital images:
  • Retouch (color correct, brighten shadows, remove wrinkles, minor blemishes, scars, tattoos, artifacts)
  • Enhance (retouch, crop, sepia-tone, custom-tint, black&white, vignette)
  • Restore & repair treasured old photographs
  • Misc Services (scan prints & negatives, optimize for web & print)
  • Commercial (edit & optimize for online auctions)
  • Product Photography in greater Seattle area

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Retouched Horse and Woman SnapshotRetouched Old Photograph of Elderly Man with Ear HornRetouched Old Photograph of WomanRetouched Portrait Mature WomanWhite VaseWatercolorWhite Vase Glowing EffectRace Horses BeforeTiger AfterTiger BeforeWhite Lilies AfterWhite Lilies Before