Satisfied Clients

  • "Sarah is amazing! She responded right away to my recent urgent request for a new website, and designed and set up a Wordpress website within a few days. Her Wordpress skills and web content editing are first rate, and she is a very careful proofreader. Sarah chose the perfect photo for my homepage, taking into account my concern that it appeal to my target audience. I recommend her highly!"
  • "Sarah was a wonderful resource for my project. I greatly appreciated her time spent on my initiative, particularly with being patient about a reschedule, and being so committed during this busy holiday season! She provided very helpful feedback on my project and spent a great deal of time thinking through the best strategies for success."
  • "Our search for art had not yielded anything we were unanimously happy to use until we found her print online. Her photo captured the feeling of our album so perfectly that there was hardly a vote as to whether or not to use it. Throughout our correspondence with Sarah, she was congenial, professional, and an overall joy to work with.”
  • "Sarah took my profile photo for my LinkedIn Profile, as well as for my business website. She's absolutely amazing, and knows how to bring out the best in any photographic subject. I like the photo so much that I decided to keep it as my profile photo at my new law firm as well."
  • "Holy smokes she hit a home run again. The final prints are beautiful and communicate just what I was trying to communicate. Now if I can just get my website up I can show her work as I applied it."
  • "Sarah managed shoot some great candid pictures under very challenging shooting conditions... I loved her enthusiastic, tireless, and constructive contributions as a team member and look forward to working with her again."
  • "The pictures turned out beautifully. Excellent candid shots of my clients looking at their new home under construction. Sarah is very easy to work with and does a great job!"
  • "Sarah did a wonderful job of photographing my cats several years ago. Not only is she creative with amazing technical and compositional skills; she also handles her subjects beautifully."